The goal of therapy is to support individuals to regain control over problematic behaviours. Our therapists work with each individual to develop a unique treatment plan to address identified concerns. Through traditional and expressive therapies, our therapists hold hope while individuals work towards building resilience, developing support systems, and accessing inner strengths.

What Does it Look Like?

Our therapists recognize that each person is unique, therefore each experience is different and requires a specialized approach. The first piece in any wellness journey is developing a therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the individual. It is important to have the “right fit” to build trust and to work toward common understanding. For this reason, we suggest taking advantage of our free telephone consultation. This consultation is available for first time clients to speak with a therapist about their general concerns. The idea behind this 30-minute call is for the individual to gauge their fit with the therapist and for the therapist to determine if they can adequately support the individual, or if a referral to another therapist is more suitable.

The rest of treatment will look different depending on the individual’s goals, the therapist’s specialization(s), and the modalities both choose to access. This can include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), aspects of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, and meditation, among others.