The goal of therapy is to support couples and families to regain control over problematic behaviours. Our therapists work with each couple or family to develop a unique treatment plan to address identified concerns. Through traditional and expressive therapies, our therapists hold hope while couples and families work towards building resilience, developing support systems, and accessing inner strengths.

How is This Different Than Individual Therapy?

Often, individual members of a couple or family can be simultaneously engaging in individual therapy and therapy with their partner or other family members. Our couple and family therapist’s focus is to assess how the partnership or family functions as a unit and what each individual member’s concerns are. Together with every participating member, a plan is developed to support healing and reintegration. This may include referrals for individual members to individual therapy or suggestions to engage in activities as a couple or family.

Our therapists recognize that each person, couple, and family is unique, therefore each experience is different and requires a specialized approach. Our therapists will start with establishing a therapeutic relationship with each individual, couple and family and will then work together with you to create a plan for wellness.